5 Tips for Good Time Management/ Episode 10

by MatthewLowell on October 18, 2012


Today on the show we had some fun crazy holidays that you can celebrate this week!!! Also some of my favorite YouTube videos!!! CLICK HERE FOR THE PLAYLIST! Funny, Funny! I love spending time with you guys!!!


5 Practical Tips for Better Time Management.

1) List your priorities every day. I have 3 lists at least on my desk at all times. 1] Weekly Schedule 2] Daily Schedule 3] To Do List. My weekly schedule has all of the must do engagements and appointments that are commitments that I have made. My Daily Schedule is made each morning from my weekly schedule as well as the to do list and set by priority.


2) Each project needs a plan and timeline. When you see the big vision of your destiny, keep that before you as a goal to shoot for, but take some time to reverse engineer that dream with the Lord. Figure out the steps that it is going to take for you to reach that dream. Also ask Him what His timing is; getting a vague answer is better than no answer!


3) Do your creative time in the morning and do more brainless activities later in the day. Brainless stuff could be stuffing envelopes, cleaning your office, checking your social media empire =). It is always better to get started with things you have to create earlier in the day because you will be fresh and it will usually take less time.


4) 15 Minute Projects! Start making a list of projects that you are needing to get done like, cleaning out your garage, balancing your checkbook, even cleaning your house. Then everyday choose a couple of those activities and do each of them for 15 minutes a piece and then move on to the next thing in your day. You will get those projects that you would normally never get done because they are so intimidating, accomplished a lot faster.


5) Don’t Break the Chain. Charlie is so cool like is below this blog to show you how to do this fun way of getting things done! I love you all so much and will see you next week! Muah!


  • Jasmine

    If you stop or at least gradually decrease from sodas, the weight will probaby come off a lot faster.

    • http://www.AwakenRevolution.com/ Matthew Lowell

      I hear you! I know it is a fact for me :)

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