Don’t Give Up: 3 Tips to Staying Encouraged- Episode 6

by MatthewLowell on September 12, 2012


Today on the show we talk about not giving up even in hard times in the finale of our series “Getting Started Toward Your Dreams”. My co-hosts today were Tiffany and Kim Boleyn (It was nice to have the gang back together!!!)


Here is the link to the Ellen premiere with P!nk singing and the crazy guitar player. Leave your comments below on what you think he is doing! (Maybe he is regurgitating a hair ball!)


3 Tips to Staying Encouraged

1)Talking Positive (not only thinking positive but speaking it out)

2)Know who you are! Read the book Supernatural Ways of Royalty by Kris Vallotton and Bill Johnson!

3)Be joyful and peaceful in times of trouble!


For full details listen to the podcast above. I love your face and I will see you next week! =)


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