Announcement for For Goodness’ Sake.

by MatthewLowell on February 25, 2013


We have a very special announcement to make. The LORD has been moving in mighty ways and we are moving with Him. 
We have been doing the podcasts for over a year and we absolutely love what we are doing. We love you, our listeners, and we so much appreciate your support.
We have been asking God how we can do this full time. We believe it’s our calling from Him and it is the desire of our hearts.
We are going to revise what we are currently doing by taking some time off to reposition ourselves for what God is moving us into. God is giving us strategies on how we can do things with more effectiveness.
You’ll still be able to hear us on The Awaken Revolution podcast, on Fridays. We have some exciting changes that we are making.
I, personally, want to thank my listeners for all of your support. Without you, we cannot do this. We pray for you and know that when we come back, God will have something in place so much bigger and better than anything we could imagine.

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