Overcoming Disappointment/003

by Kim Boleyn on September 2, 2012


We talked about being disappointed today.  Have any of you had disappointments?  If you haven’t, you haven’t lived long enough.  Don’t worry, they will come.  But be encouraged, God overcomes our disappointments with His awesome faith.  We don’t have to use our own faith, we let God exchange our faith with His, which has NO limits!  He has given each one of us a portion of faith.  All we have to do is start to exercise it.

We also had some wonderful ministry time to our audience.  If any of the words or visions that we give on the show have ministered to you, please let us know.  We want to know that God is touching your life and making a difference.

If anyone has any prayer requests, please send them to us.  You can email me at: kimboleyn1@gmail.com

May God’s goodness surround you today as He leads you into your destiny!


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