Fire of God

by Kim Boleyn on June 29, 2012

If you haven’t heard anything yet, we are having a lot of fires in Colorado.  Colorado Springs in getting a lot of it.  They have evacuated thousands of people and animals.  It really is awful.  The smoke makes it hard to breath, you can’t go to the places you usually do because they have it closed off, and everything is REALLY dusty.

Fire is hard, but it cleans everything out.  It clears up stuff that has been accumulating for a long time and it even helps things grow, and some things don’t grow unless there is fire.

We are experiencing natural fires, but God is also using his Holy Spirit fire to clear our lives out.  “It hurts!” you yell.  Yes, it does.  “I can’t do the things that I am used to doing!”  No, you can’t.  “I can’t go where I want to go!” you complain.  NO, YOU CAN’T!!  That is the point.  We are so used to doing what we want, when we want and how we want, that we get a little spiritually lazy.  (A little?)  Okay, if you’re like me, God has to go out and use his paddle to get our tushys back in line.

That being said, God is purifying his body so we can be used more effectively in these last days.  Sounds nice, huh?  But, oh does it hurt!!  Yes, it hurts, but in the end it really does produce fruit.  There are some things that just won’t grow unless we have God’s Holy Spirit fire.  I know it is hard, I know it hurts, I know you would rather have things back the way they were, but it will get better after you come out.  And guess what?  You even smell like smoke!


  • Amber Jones

    I love the posts they are uplifting. I read all of them.

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