God – Loving Or An Ogre?/ 19

by Kim Boleyn on January 28, 2013


How many of us have grown up with the mindset that God is an ogre? How many of us have seen the God of the Old Testament being the mean, bad God and then there is Yeshua, who is the nice guy? Scripture says that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. (Hebrews 13: 8) So, the God of the Old Testament is the same God of the New Testament. Why haven’t we been taught or seen this?

A lot of us growing up have seen too much conditional love. Meaning that if you do well you get praised and feel loved. But, if you don’t do well, you feel displeasure and feel unloved. We have experienced this from our parents, our friends, our siblings, our employers, our co-workers, whomever.

Unfortunately, we have transferred that performance attitude to God. Have any of you been in a place where you have failed God and when you look to Him all you see is his anger? I know I have. I can still struggle with this. We have been so conditioned to “BE” good that when we fail, we think God will reject us and throw us into Hell if we do not shape up. We forget that is why Yeshua died for us. We still look at God as the mean ogre.

I knew a pastor who used to say, “God is not mad at you anymore.” He already paid the punishment when he took the stripes on his back and was crucified on the cross. The reason he came down and dwelt among us is because we cannot relate to a God who created the universe and who is so holy. We cannot be in God’s presence and live. We are not in our glorified bodies yet. These clay pots that we live in would not be able to live if we saw His face. So, He came down as a human so we could better understand who He really is.

Oh, He loves us so much. I am sure His heart aches when we do not understand this. He wants to have relationship with you so much that He gave His life for you.

If you do not know this awesome God, come to Him and ask Him to reveal Himself. Ask Him to forgive you for falling short of what He created you for. Ask Him to come into your life. He will give you more than you can ask or think.


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