I Missed You!!!

by MatthewLowell on October 12, 2012

  • Amber Jones

    I love the show. Matt Starbucks is not a time waster. They have drive thru now. Just saying. Anyways love the show. Sorry been real busy. I do listen every week. Kim Bolyn is my favoeie. I think how to effectively say no would be great topic. Kim you are not only one to do dance classes. Jasmine can take over.

    • http://www.AwakenRevolution.com/ Matthew Lowell

      Lol! I didn’t mean to offend Starbucks lovers lol. Good to know there is a drive thru ;)

    • Kim Boleyn

      Thanks so much,Amber, for sending us a message! Jasmine could take over, but she works every Wednesday. Please spread the word around for others to listen. We want to encourage as many people as we can. Bless you! Kim Boleyn

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