Introducing the Holiday Mini! /Episode 15

by MatthewLowell on December 12, 2012


On Today’s show we introduce what we are calling our Holiday Mini! A holiday mini is an episode that we just have fun together for 15 minutes. The reason we came up with the Holiday Mini is that many people are away from their computers during the holidays and are with family, including us! =) But we just can’t stay away from our favorite people in the world for 5 weeks because you have become my favorite addiction EVER!!! So we just get together for 15 minutes and talk about fun stuff like always just in a small format. We will be back with our first full episode of the New Year on January  10th so no need to worry. We will be back bringing you the same content that you have come to love us for! (We love you too!)

On today’s Mini we talk about some Christmas gift ideas that you may want to avoid this year, and we also have some really crazy holidays this holiday season! Ha!

We will see you next week for another Holiday Mini! We love you!

  • Amber Noel Jones

    Well actually I have been around kids who parents are in prison so that book may help kids not feel alone and help parents explain to the child left behind. It is not for everyone. But there are even kids in my daughter’s preschool who have mok or dad in prison. It is sad bur the kids suffer a lot.

  • Amber Jones

    I enjoy listening every week. Should do a show on favorite traditions. I wish I could be a guest on show.

    • Matthew Lowell

      That’s a good idea!

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