What Does It Mean to Be Born-Again?/018

by Kim Boleyn on January 21, 2013


What does it really mean to be born-again?  As I have been praying, the LORD has been reminding me that He died for us so we can have life.  An abundant life!

If you ask people who Yeshua is, you would get a variety of answers.  Unless we are born-again, we really don’t know who He is.  Unless we are born-again, we will never understand how much He loves us and what He gave up to come down in human form.  He wants relationship with us.  He wants to spend an eternity with us!

So, what are some of the things Yeshua died for so we can have an abundant life?

If it isn’t in Heaven, it isn’t for us.

Is poverty in Heaven – no!

Is sickness in Heaven – no!

Is death in Heaven – no! (there is a natural death because of old age, but, in most cases, it is because of old age)

Is there violence – no!

Is there unbelief – no!

God wants for us to live a supernatural life.  Read Psalm 91.  It is the protection Psalm.

Yeshua said that in this world we will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, he has overcome the world.  Think about that.  There is nothing in your circumstances that Yeshua hasn’t already overcome!

Hallelujah!  May the LORD give you greater revelation of how much He loves you and who He really is.



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