Naturally Supernatural: For Goodness’ Sake Episode 15

by Kim Boleyn on December 23, 2012


This week is the second of our “mini” programs.  We know that you are busy during the holidays, but we hate being away from you for very long.  So, we are doing shorter shows so you can still keep in touch with us and it won’t take too much time out of your schedule.

If you have ever watched Sid Roth on television, you have heard him say, “Welcome to my world where it is naturally supernatural.”  This is a lifestyle that God wants us to start really moving into during this season of our lives.

As we did last week, we just took the time to minister to our audience.  Remember, if you hear a word that you identify with, even if you think it was for someone else, GRAB IT!!  God is not a respecter of persons.  He loves each one of us the same.  But, He has a different plan for each one of us because we are unique.

Many of us are being brought into a “walk of faith” process.  I know we are here at For Goodness’ Sake.  If you are experiencing the same thing, please contact us.  We will agree with you in prayer.  When you are victorious, please let us know that, too!  We want to rejoice with you.

Have a wonderful holiday season.  May the LORD show you why he came down as a human being to be with us.


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