Holiday Mini: New Year’s Resolutions / Episode 17

by MatthewLowell on January 2, 2013


Today we have our last Holiday Mini for a while! We will be back next week with a full episode AND A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! Stay tuned for that ! 


On Today’s Show:

We talked about New Years Resolutions and the type we are making this year!

And we talk about people who listen to their iPods and dance around and sing like crazy people (yes, I am one of them)

Plus we also talk a little about forgiveness and how this season can be so hard for some of us!


Happy New Year and I will see you next week! I love you!

  • Amber Noel Jones

    My Mom did not have an afro, but my dad did. And keep dancing with iPod who cares what you look like. I still remember Psalty the songbook we did a production with him at church. We had an album.

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