Our Favorite Stuff 2012- Episode 14

by MatthewLowell on November 29, 2012


Today on the show we talked about our Favorite Things that we just can’t live without! I always think it is so much fun to hear about what other people are into that make life easier especially when we are trying to get creative with our gift giving this time of year.


Click HERE to send an e-mail to Kim to ask about her magnets or just to say hi! ;)


We had some new segments in our Coffee Break today. The first was Storytime with Bubba. That’s right, my twin brother was back telling us a hilarious story about a newly retired man trying to make the most of his endless hours following his wife around Wal-Mart. The second was My Facebook Faves. In this segment I share funny things that I have read on Facebook that week. This weeks the post was from a friend named Stephen and it is really funny :)


Well thank you so much for tuning into today to the show. Your support means everything to us! We love you so much. Tune in next week where we will finally talk about the importance of having a mentor and how to find one!!!

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