Thanksgiving Special- Episode 13

November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!! We hope that you have an amazing day of fun, family, and traditions. On today’s Thanksgiving special we talk about the top 10 Thanksgiving traditions. Plus Kim and Tiffany have a Co-Host Showdown with our Thanksgiving Day Trivia Quiz. We also heard from some of you about what your favorite traditions are!!! We [...]

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The Priestly Blessing – Part 1/011

November 18, 2012

Whoo hoo!  What a powerful time we had today!  The Priestly Blessing has so much more than what we read on the surface.  When I first started this study, I thought that I could give a rough overview of it in one week.  But, the more I went through the blessing, the more that I found.  [...]

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My Story- and I’m sticking to it!

November 14, 2012

Well today I got a little personal and shared what was on my heart this last week in view of the election. No matter what side of the fence you were on in this election, there seems to have been so many emotions stirred up. But where do we go from here. That is the [...]

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When We Are Weak, Then He is Strong/010

November 4, 2012

So, you have a vision from the Lord.  You start to act upon this vision and then “POW!” you get side swiped by the enemy.  You wonder what is going on.  You wonder what you are doing wrong.  You wonder why this is happening to you when you are obeying God. Well, it is BECAUSE you [...]

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PJ Edition: Rest/ Episode 11

October 31, 2012

On Today Show we just shot the breeze in our pajamas. I love our PJ editions! And I know that Kim really doesn’t like it so much, so that makes it even more fun lol. Okay that was mean, sorry Kim! We also had my little sister Dani Love  as a co-host for the first [...]

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Deferred Hope/009

October 21, 2012

Have you been praying for God to fulfill the desires in your heart?  Have you been waiting to come into your destiny?  Do you still have unanswered prayer?  Are you asking, “When God?” So many of you have been waiting for a long time to have your hopes and dreams come to pass.  You know [...]

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5 Tips for Good Time Management/ Episode 10

October 18, 2012

Today on the show we had some fun crazy holidays that you can celebrate this week!!! Also some of my favorite YouTube videos!!! CLICK HERE FOR THE PLAYLIST! Funny, Funny! I love spending time with you guys!!!   5 Practical Tips for Better Time Management. 1) List your priorities every day. I have 3 lists [...]

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Our Weapons of Warfare/008

October 15, 2012

Ever wonder why you still go through junk even after you shout into the heavens, break every curse and pray everything you can think of?  When you have done all, stand.  But with the standing, give God praise.  Praise is the greatest weapon of warfare that we have.  And what is so cool is that [...]

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I Missed You!!!

October 12, 2012
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3 Steps to Determining Dead Works in Your Life- Episode 9

October 10, 2012

What are dead works? For me it means those things that  you are currently doing in your schedule that have no life and are a big time waster. Well, how in the world do you determine that?! Today on the show I give you 3 steps to determine what are dead works that may be wasting [...]

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Dream Culture with Andy and Janine Mason/007

October 7, 2012

What an awesome time we had with our special guests, Andy and Janine Mason from Bethel Church in Redding, CA!  We talked about their book “Dream Culture”.  If you are crying out to God to live your dreams, this is the show you don’t want to miss! Andy and Janine share their own journey and [...]

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Being a Good Steward of Your Time- Episode 8

October 3, 2012

Today on the show we talk about what it means to be a good steward of your time in our new series about Time Management. I share a little about my own personal testimony about why time management is so important these days and give a challenge to all of you. I get a little [...]

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Breaking the Curses in Our Lives/006

September 30, 2012

I have been sharing on how to move forward to your destiny.  But, I have been reminded that if we don’t break the curses that still operate in our lives, that it makes it very hard to move forward and have success.  God wants us totally free!  In order to do that, we have to [...]

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3 Tips to Help You Through Transition- Episode 7

September 26, 2012

Wow! We had way too much fun on the show today!!! I really wish you could have heard our foolishness before we started recording because we were laughing so hard! The joy of the Lord was definitely our strength today! Today was our first Pajama Edition of the show! We were just lounging around in our pajamas and hanging [...]

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We Are At War!

September 25, 2012

Are you looking for the time when life is more peaceful and everything just smooths out and you can sail along with happiness?  Maybe you are getting toward your retirement years and are looking forward to not having to work at a job anymore.  Maybe you’re looking forward to the time when your children are [...]

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AweRev Update

September 19, 2012
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Fear of Failure/005

September 16, 2012

One of the biggest reasons we fail to continue on in our dreams and the destiny for our lives is the fear of failure.   All of us, at one time or another, have experienced fear.  Fear will stop our dreams and destiny faster than almost anything else. Many of us have tried to step out [...]

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Don’t Give Up: 3 Tips to Staying Encouraged- Episode 6

September 12, 2012

Today on the show we talk about not giving up even in hard times in the finale of our series “Getting Started Toward Your Dreams”. My co-hosts today were Tiffany and Kim Boleyn (It was nice to have the gang back together!!!)   Here is the link to the Ellen premiere with P!nk singing and the [...]

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Persevering Toward Our Destiny /004

September 8, 2012

Today we talked about perseverance.  Oh, I can hear the groans now. We have had the wrong idea of what perseverance is.  We think we have to trudge in the muck and pound the gates of heaven and then, maybe after years of crud, God may answer our prayers or reward us,,, or something.  Some [...]

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Tim Reimherr Interview- Episode 5

September 5, 2012

We spent an amazing weekend visiting with Tim Reimherr while he was skiing here last winter and felt like it was about time we shared this inspiring interview with you. This is an episode that never aired from our sneak peek.    Tim Reimherr has been a worship leader at the International House of Prayer [...]

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