Pay It Forward

by MatthewLowell on March 1, 2012


Comment Question of the Day: What are some of the creative ways that you give to others?



What does Pay it Forward mean? It means when something good happens to you, you turn around and do something good for someone else. The concept is instead of paying something “back” you pay it “forward” on to someone else. Of course in Christian Circles we know about Sowing and Reaping! I think you will really enjoy hearing LouJean’s Testimony and Funny Stories of how she has been blessed because of her giving. LouJean owns LouJean’s Salon here in Pagosa Springs and is also a dear friend. Her heart is made of pure gold!

Joplin Church of God is helping with the relief efforts for the tornadoes that happened their last year, and was honored by the Missouri House of Representatives in early June of 2011. If you would like to pay it forward and help them with some financial needs you can do it through their donate button on their Facebook Fan Page Here.


Some things to Check out:

Smokey the Loudest Cat video

Joplin Church of God Fan Page

Check out my Creepy Laugh at minute 19 in the podcast above lol!!!!

Also if you live in the Pagosa Springs Area or are visiting then you should check out LouJean Salon’s amazing services!!! Their facials are the best in town!!!!!


See you next Tuesday!!!!

  • Cucciolo

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  • Amber Jones

    I pay it forward by helping single moms. I was raised by a single mom the greatest mom in the world, but I know how she struggled so I help by babysitting or taking them out for a girl day like getting hair and nails done. I love it and being able to bless someone else.

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