There is Always Hope- For Goodness’ Sake Episode 14

by Kim Boleyn on December 16, 2012


Today we did a mini episode for the holiday season.  We will have these minis until January 7th.  We will be taking the week of December 31st off and then we will resume regular shows on January 14, 2013!!  It doesn’t seem possible.  We pray that God touches you in a miraculous way, since this is the season of miracles.

We spent time ministering to our audience.  If you hear a word and you feel you fit into that word, even if it sounds like it is for someone else, grab it!  God is not a respecter of persons.  What He does for someone else, He will do for you.

Have a wonderful holiday season.  We love you and pray for you.


  • Amber Noel Jones

    I was listening to Kim bind curses. There has been a generational curse of divorce in out family. I have been praying it ends here with me. As I was listening God spoke to me and said “It is done.” I just love this show.
    Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.

    • Kim Boleyn

      Hi Amber,
      Yes, I agree with no more divorce! God wants families healed.
      Bless you and we really appreciate your comments!

  • Amber Jones

    Hi as I was listening Kim said she binds the curse. There have a generational curse in our family. Every one has been divorced. I have been praying that it ends here with me. I do not want to pass to my children. As I was listening God spoke to me He said “It is done.” It was so loud thought it was TV.

    • Matthew Lowell

      Yes!!! It is done!!!!

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