Times Can Get Tough

by Kim Boleyn on July 6, 2012

I have been going through a tough time lately.  I am in the midst of moving (which I hate!) and I am taking each day by faith.

Many of you are going through tough times, too.  You don’t see what is ahead and God is asking you to trust Him.  (Okay, admit it.  You are having a hard time with that.)

God is calling us to a higher walk of faith.  We walk by faith, not by sight.  Remember that scripture?  Sounds good when you hear it, but when you go through it, it can be a challenge not to buckle under the pressure.

Try to take a bit of time each day to just BE with the Lord.  You don’t have to say anything to Him, just stand next to Him and enjoy the moment.

He is more than able to bring you through to the other side.

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