Wildflower Ladies Valentine Special PREMIERE!!!!

by MatthewLowell on February 14, 2012


IT’S OUR VERY FIRST BROADCAST!!!!!!! Wow this is just a dream come true of Tiffany and I and has been for some time! Thank you thank you for dropping by. If you are wondering what Awaken Revolution is all about  click HERE. To  listen to the show just click the little play button above and give it a few minutes to start loading while you finish reading this blog. Our first guests on our new Radio Podcast, DreamLiveLove are the Wildflower Ladies from the Wildflower Gallery here in Pagosa Springs. I know you will be hearing a lot from these very funny ladies here on AwakenRevolution.com because they are just too much fun. They came into our studio so excited to be our VERY FIRST GUEST!!! They brought all sorts of goodies with them to show us some affordable gift ideas for Valentine’s Day all under $30. They had some really great ideas and also information on general flower care if you receive flowers today on Valentine’s Day! Listen to the Podcast and comment below and tell us what you think! Obviously with anything you start fresh there will be a couple of snags here and there but I have to say for our very first broadcast I am really proud of how it turned out (even though I was on so many decongestant pills to sound semi- normal that my brain couldn’t form normal thoughts very well LOL!!!) Tiff and I sure hope you enjoy it and also sign up for our RSS feed so you can hear all of our new broadcasts in the future. We will have new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday!

Visit the Wildflower Website: www.WildflowerPagosa.com

Here are some of the gift ideas that our crazy friends the Wildflower Ladies brought with them:






SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU LADIES!!! Can’t wait for our next Interview with you! Tune in on Thursday where we will have Messianic Worship Leader Joshua Aaron on the show! See you then!


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    Thanks for providing these details on the internet.

  • Amber Jones

    Another post I really like this program it gives me a chance to hear my mom and see her doing something she loves. My mom is my hero I wish I could be just half the woman she,is.

  • FieldSquid

    Awesome first broadcast guys! Loved it so much. Very funny and easy to listen to. :)

  • Kat fandango

    Love the show Matthew and Tia! Great first podcast! Can’t wait for the next one!! :) you should talk about relationships and how to date the right way…! :) I’m definitely a fan already!! :) love!

  • Kat fandango

    Love the show Matthew and Tia! Great first podcast! Can’t wait for the next one!! :)

    • http://www.AwakenRevolution.com/ DreamLiveLoveLive

      Thanks for the suggestion Kat!!!! We will definitely add that to the list. Great Idea!!!!!

  • Rick & Patti Smith

    Good luck on your new adventure! LOL


    • http://www.AwakenRevolution.com/ DreamLiveLoveLive

      Thanks Guys!

  • Jen T Kane

    LOVE it! Listened while I was baking and frosting cupcakes tonight! SO excited about what God has for you guys!! Hugs from KS! Your ‘evil’ twin loves y’all!!

    • DreamLiveLoveLive

      Yay! Thanks for the encouragement my favorite evil twin!!!!

  • Amber Jones

    This is Awesome my mom Kim Heartfelt is the best.

    • DreamLiveLoveLive

      There is no one quite like ole’ Heartfelt!! =}

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