3 Steps to Get What You Want Out of Life! – Episode 19

Today’s show was filled with all sorts of fun! We talked about some news that was both serious and funny. We also talked about the crazy holidays this week and some baby initials that are going to be unfortunate when it is time to monogram towels for them!!! LOL! But we also talked about 3 Practical ways that you can get what you want out of this life you are living. How you can go from a drab, monotonous life with no hope to a life filled with Joy, and promise, and hope like you never thought possible! These are 3 simple steps that ANYONE can do if they dedicate themselves! And you will see them working in your life in as little time as one week! I also give you a practical exercise that you can do this week to start to transform your life!


In other news, next week is the start of the new Awaken Revolution Network lineup!!! Monday’s will be Kim’s 20 minute devotional show, “For Goodness’ Sake”: A show about the goodness of God from the Messianic perspective. And then on this next Wednesday we are debuting our new show, “The Sozo Heart Podcast: Saved, Healed, and Free”: a show hosted by Tiffany and I to help you live a healed and whole life in the aftermath of trauma and despair! And then “the Awaken Revolution Podcast” will move to its new day next Friday! So excited for the growth we are seeing here! We love you so much and will see you next week!

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