Hearing God’s Voice in: Autumn – Episode 23

On today’s show we talked about my favorite season Autumn! This is the season of harvest which is the greatest season of all because you get to see hard work pay off! Listen today as Tiffany teaches us this next installment of our series Hearing the Voice of God in Any Season.


In other news, I have an announcement to make about the Awaken Revolution Network. We are in a season of transition right now…all good I assure  you! We feel that God has called us to do our podcasting full time. In order to do this we are needing to slow down our on- air work load so we have some valuable time to work behind the scenes for a little while to make things stronger than ever! So starting Monday, the For Goodness’ Sake podcast and the Sozo Heart podcast will be on a break until further notice. WE WILL BE BACK NEXT WEEK here on the Awaken Revolution Podcast!!! We will continue to do this show every Friday until Jesus comes back to get us (we hope…. that we will continue to do this podcast, not that we hope Jesus comes to get us….we know about that part). 😉 So until next Friday make sure you remember that I love you!

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