Our First Anniversary of Podcasting!- Episode 22

To see the playlist for today’s Youtube Faves Click Here.


Happy Anniversary everyone! We had a lot of fun on the show today! We took a little look back and talked about some of our favorite moments on the network this past year. We also listened to a clip from our very first episode of our first podcast “DreamLiveLove Live”. You can listen to that full episode by clicking HERE. (the audio quality has improved over the last year. =)


Honesty time! My heart is so heavy today because Kim Boleyn did not bring a cake today for our anniversary party …so I had to improvise with hard, shriveled marshmallows and matches since we had no candles.  Oh what a sad day!


Thank you to all of our listeners who have been with us this last year. And those of you that have just joined us recently, we are so glad you have found us and hope you will stick around for years to come! I love you all so much!


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